Thursday, October 2, 2008

The white flag of surrender

Ironically, the Palin/McCain ticket gets closer and closer to defeat every time they mention victory in Iraq. It is toxic to them, so I can't quite place why Palin is lingering on this.

I'm curious to see how this second half of the debate unfolds. Biden, above all else, knows foreign policy. Palin, on the other hand, can--well, you know. I'm not sure the view from her kitchen will fly as foreign policy experience tonight. But I'm also not sure she'll even mention that tonight. She's on message. She's charming. She's easy to understand without sounding like she has sacrificed substance. This is Biden's debate to lose right now.

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Ellie Barczak said...

I'm so tired of being talked at like a six year old in need of coddling. Seriously, I'm a Northwestern student. don't comfort me. tell me how you will make change. Ok, Biden, get in there, throw a right hook, you'll land it.