Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Putin's manifesto

All I could talk about over the summer was what a BAMF Putin is. This man gives Teddy Roosevelt a run for his money. First a picture of a him fishing shirtless surfaces.

Then we hear a tale of him rescuing a camera crew from a charging tiger by grabbing a rifle and firing a tranq into him. A tiger running at full tilt!

Next, responding to a question regarding his reaction to Georgia's provocations, he says: "What did you want us to do? Wave our penknives in the air and wipe the bloody snot from our noses?" He's such a badass even his pens have knives. Pictures also have shown him aboard a submarine, operating a train, co-piloting a fighter jet, at the wheel of a racing truck, shooting his standard-issued KGB handgun, and sparring Jack Bauer. (Only one of those is not true.)

And now we have this: "Let's learn judo with Vladimir Putin," an instructional martial arts DVD.

I no longer wonder why Time named him Man of the Year. There is no doubt in my mind he is the manliest man alive.

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