Thursday, October 2, 2008

Game over

I'm going to call it a night, but here's my final thought: In a vacuum, Biden wins. But this isn't a vacuum. I think Palin performed far above expectations, but I hope we don't judge her relative to how much she previously sucked. Let me say this, though: I think Palin did well no matter how you cut it -- all personal disagreements aside.

I do think, however, Biden hit his stride at the end. And that won't go unnoticed.

A few things Palin will answer for: her comment about not wanting a media filter and another about wanting to increase the power of the VP. I also think she sounded incredibly rehearsed. I think that's lame, but I doubt anybody else does.

In the mean time, though, that's all folks. Thanks for joining. (Or, if you're reading this tomorrow or over the weekend, good luck making sense of what I was saying!)

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