Thursday, October 2, 2008

What exactly is an easy question for Palin?

Here are some softball questions: What Supreme Court decisions do you disagree with? What newspapers do you read? What do you know about our current VP?

Palin's answers to these questions have been off the wall absurd. She can't name a single newspaper. She can't name a single Supreme Court case (beyond Roe v. Wade, perhaps the only thing she can discuss coherently if not reasonably). All she could muster about Cheney is the infamous duck hunting incident, where -- you kn0w -- he shot somebody in the face. She appeared positively ecstatic to follow in his footsteps.

I have never met anybody in my life unable to name a single newspaper. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She can't even name her kids. (Just ask Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper or Trig.)

This all begs the question, is there such a thing as an easy question for Sarah Palin?

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