Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who I are (The Daily Northwestern 9/22/08)

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a pretty liberal guy. I like Barack Obama, have read his books and enjoy puns involving his name--"Barack you like a hurricane" being my favorite. Like many fellow Democrats, I worship and was educated by The West Wing. It is my religion, even on Facebook. In regular conversation, I refer to the star of the show as President Josiah Bartlet. I once cited the Bartlet Administration in an essay because I have a problem. I even concocted a vast and complex West Wing drinking game because I might have two problems.

But when the show ended, I needed to find a new fix. I started watching real life, specifically the corrupt, embarrassing and funny part that makes American Idol look like the world's foremost democracy: presidential politics.

I study this crap like the rest of America studies baseball, and these next two months are the World Series. But I don't want to write a column that belongs on some floozy leftist blog. I want to write about the Bud Light Play of the Day--no matter which team makes--because politics is my national pastime.

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